Here at the Multiplay Institute of Gamer Happiness, Tolerance and Yin-Yang Feng-shui In Science and Technology (or MIGHTYFIST, for short) we are continuously on the lookout for ways to keep harmony and balance amongst the games community at large.

We have come to the conclusion that a dose of mega price cuts will bring good fortune to gamers everywhere - and save a fortune for them too.

MIGHTYFIST brings to you: massive cuts of up to 66% off our current prices!

Huge Clanserver Price Cuts

So what exactly are the price cuts? Well we're keeping this simple - take all of our servers and reduce them to insane prices.

How insane? Well how does CS: Source at 100 ticks for 1 per slot sound? Not nuts enough for you? Okay then, is 75p per CoD4 slot mad enough?

With our biggest cuts being on our most popular servers (and most of these are knocking over 60% off current prices), we're seriously thinking about getting Wizzo's mental state checked out.

Some examples of our new prices...

Game New Price
Call of Duty 4 75p/slot per month
Battlefield Series 1/slot per month
Team Fortress 2 (orange box) 1/slot per month
Counter-Strike: Source (100 Tick) 1/slot per month
Crysis 1/slot per month

Oh and by the way, you still get discounts for buying in bulk - 10% for 3 months, 15% for 6 months and 20% off if you buy for a year!

What's 20% of "practically free"? Well put it this way - a clan of 12 people, buying a 24-slot CoD 4 server for a year would end up paying five pence per slot each - or 1.20 per month per member. That's not even a pint at the local!


This is the best bit - you just order your server as usual - there's no minimum period you have to have your server for - try it for a month and if you're not loving your server then there's no obligation to stay. That's how confident we are that you'll not find a better provider than Multiplay, period.

For more information and to order, head over to the ordering page to tailor your server to how you want it - prepare yourself for a shock when you see how cheap it works out!

No Compromises

I know what you're thinking - we must have cut corners somewhere to be able to knock 66% off our prices, right? Wrong. Not only are we still open - and on the end of a phone - 7 days per week, but we've also recently expanded our support team to make sure your queries are answered as fast as possible.

Same quality we've always had, just a hell of a lot cheaper. Cool isn't it? ;-)

By the way, this Matter-of-Fact sentence hasn't got any subliminal advertising in it at all.