Building on the success of iPower 2007 in Lisbon, Packard Bell are back to find the best gamers in the world! The iPower Games are a unique and exciting global competition that does away with the people who are simply l33t at one game, and aims to find the best overall teams at First-Person Shooter and Real Time Strategy games. Countries from around the world will be sending their nine best gamers to the iPower Finals in Paris this Summer.

By qualifying for the iPower games online you have a chance to win free entry to i33 as either BYOC or TuP - and if you don't qualify, you can have a second chance by coming along to i33 and qualifying at the event. What do you have to lose by trying to qualify online? At the very least you can get some insight into your opponents!

Register for online qualifiers or find out more about the iPower games.