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    Conversation Between mkak and James67

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    1. It's certainly possible to attach a second router in the way you described - you might have to tweak the routers' configurations a bit to make it work properly, but in principle, there's no reason why it couldn't be made to work.

      There may be some performance issues doing this, but not because of the Ethernet connection - Ethernet, unlike ADSL, either works or it doesn't, and if it works, then it'll work at full speed. The performance penalty is a consequence of all your data having to be processed and routed through an extra device. It won't slow download speeds, but it might increase "latency" a bit. If you play online action games, you might find the controls a little bit more sluggish, but otherwise, you're unlikely to be able to see a difference.
    2. Hi James

      sorry if this is rude but this is the same message that i posted on a thread of yours, i just wasnt sure how quickly it would be addressed on the thread so thought i would message you, im not sure if it is normal to message you and all but thought id give it a try anyways.

      "i have been reading around on a few Sky User threads about pulling credentials out of the router and all and was happy to find this link without flashing my router so thank you very much

      i was curious however, instead of just using a new router altogether, couldn't you just plug your router into a seperate router via ethernet where the sepereate router has an ethernet modem in connection, and everything would just be dandy or does the sagem not support this for some reason or is it not an effecient system for example, the sagem modem not being as good as the one in the seperate router, or maybe loss of speed and quality over the ethernet connection.

      any response would be helpful thanks."
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