Hi, this is my first post and I'm very happy to say that it is a positive one.

I signed up for SkyBB (from BT) last year, spent 2-3 months with no service while they farted about with 'damaged tie-pairs' or some other crap, then finally got connected and have suffered with dodgy service ever since. I have been scouring these boards looking for answers, changing DNS setting, rebooting over and over, emptying the cach every 40 seconds or so, all to no avail.

Until today! It took me months to find out what my actual problem was - Noise Margin!!! A midnight reboot of the router seems to have solved everything.

I just hope that anyone who is still suffering from 'evening connection loss' manages to find the noise margin thread that has finally sorted me out. I hope that no-one else with similar issues needs to waste any more time than is necessary. CHECK YOUR NOISE MARGIN!

So, to those of you who spend any time whatsoever helping those of us who can't help themselves, a great big thank you. I owe you a drink.