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    Sky retentions telling lies?

    This is a discussion on Sky retentions telling lies? within the Joining or leaving Sky forums, part of the Other Sky help and support category; So I rang to cancel/haggle a better deal. Currently paying 82.15 / month for TV + Sport + HD + ...

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      Sky retentions telling lies?

      So I rang to cancel/haggle a better deal. Currently paying 82.15 / month for TV + Sport + HD + BB Unlimited and Talk Weekends.

      Researched costs of Virgin to find I could get similar package with 50mb broadband for a bit less with new customer offers etc. So used this as a bargaining tool.

      Rang Sky CS and rep says, 'You know you can't record Sky channels on Virgin?' errr what? I'd not heard of that and I'm fairly sure that it's a complete lie? Correct me if I'm wrong? I was also told that should I get a second virgin box for multi room purposes it would only let me watch free view? Again what a load of old crock! I told the CS rep that I suspected this all to be rubbish and expressed my disappointment/anger that they were potentially telling lies to retain customers.

      Back to a potential retention offer - they offered essentially half price line rental for 18 months with standard 7.50 fibre for 6 months (20 12 months after as its 18 month contract now). Effectively over the 18 months it'll work out about 50p more a month than what I'm currently paying and I'll get fibre so that's obviously a bonus.

      So offer is apparently on the table still if I ring back but thinking about it I'm really annoyed that Sky have tried to lie about Virgin to try and keep my custom and I'm not sure why they should get away with that.

      What should I do? Take the deal? Try and haggle something better (bearing in mind I could prob still save by going to Virgin)? Or kick Sky to the dirt for telling lies?

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      Re: Sky retentions telling lies?

      Next time, when they pick up the phone, pretend to not notice for 15 seconds & be having a conversation with someone else about theoretical physics & string field theory.

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      Re: Sky retentions telling lies?

      They told me I absolutely could not use my old Sky box as a free sat box.


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      Re: Sky retentions telling lies?

      Has anyone seen 'The Call Centre' on BBC3?

      Obviously silly things like this do happen but if it's a one-off, personally i wouldn't attach the experience to the company involved.
      It's not sky that lied really, just the person you spoke to.

      The agent concerned may have been struggling to retain employment & stupidly decided to try every trick in the book as a last resort, in an effort to raise their performance stats.
      On the other hand, you can get rogues who've already decided that they're leaving at the end of the month & start saying extremely silly things.

      If it were me, i would take up skys offer.
      Fibre for just an extra 50p per month, for 18 months?
      No brainer.
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