O2 UK Share Virus Infected USB Pen with Business Customers - ISPreview UK
Mobile operator O2 has been left embarrassed after a marketing campaign for a free eBook, which involved the distribution of USB embedded pens to business customers, backfired because some of the devices included a virus that attacked older versions of Microsoft Windows (from Win 95 to Vista).

Details of the Malware are not yet known, although the operator has warned that the infection was only present on some of their USB pens and should be detected by most up-to-date Anti-Virus systems. However those with older software risk having their computers hijacked by a virus that will then attempt to spread.

An O2 Spokesperson said (The Register):

“For any customers that have already used the USB or are concerned, we have a specialist team on hand to support them and guide them through any action they may need to take. We apologise for any inconvenience.”
Apparently all of the relevant customers have now been contacted and warned about the I.T. related lethality of O2’s USB pens, with the operator apparently recommending that the device be discarded (e.g. ritualistic sacrifice by fire) or perhaps handed to somebody you don’t like as a gift.