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The UK Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) has officially announced the winners of their 17th annual 2015 Internet Industry Awards, which saw Hyperoptic pick-up the prize for “Best Superfast Broadband” provider (third time in a row) and they also secured the gong for “Best Consumer Fixed Broadband“. But there were many more categories and winners.

This year the event, which was held at The Brewery in the City of London, included the addition of four new categories: ‘Best SME Broadband‘, ‘Best Enterprise Broadband‘, a new ‘Safety Award‘ for those who have made an impact in that field and a ‘Security Award‘ for the best Internet related security product or initiative.

It’s worth noting that David Davis MP and Tom Watson MP were jointly named as Internet Hero for their legal action against Internet snooping laws and meanwhile the Government’s Home Secretary, Theresa May MP, won the Internet Villain gong for her continuing efforts to increase Internet snooping and invade the personal privacy of British citizens.

Nicholas Lansman, ISPAs Secretary General, said:

Congratulations to all the winners. With ISPA celebrating its 20th Anniversary, the ISPAs show the continued strength and diversity of the UK Internet industry as the UK economy moves ever more online. The Hero and Villain Awards also show that industry needs to be included in the surveillance debate.”
On top of that the ISPA also handed out a special award to celebrate their 20th Anniversary, which ended up going to John Souter (CEO of the London Internet Exchange) for his service to the Internet industry.

The ISPAs – 2015 UK Internet Industry Award Winners

Internet Hero winner:
David Davis & Tom Watson MP
For their legal challenge to guarantee the privacy of their constituents and their efforts to raise the level of debate in Parliament on communications data issues.

Internet Villain winner:
Home Secretary, Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP
For forging ahead with communications data legislation that would significantly increase capabilities without adequate consultation with industry and civil society.

20th Anniversary Award winner:
John Souter, CEO of LINX
John has led LINX with distinction, and ISPA Council felt that the fundamental role LINX plays in making the UK Internet work deserved recognition.

Best Superfast Broadband winner:
Hyperoptic were clear winners, with impressive scoring and growth across the UK.

Best Consumer Fixed Broadband winner:
The judges were impressed with Hyperoptic’s consumer offering and unique features, such as offering free wi-fi in communal areas.

Best SME Broadband winner:
Entanet have a whole variety of packages and options for the whole channel and end user SMEs.

Best Enterprise Broadband:
Bridge Fibre
Bridge Fibre has true enterprise ready fibre broadband, with flexible contracts and impressive scalability.

Best Wireless winner:
The judges noted the excellent speeds and performance from Keycom and were impressed with how they served their different customer bases.

Customer Choice winner:
Catalsyst2 have customers that are real advocates for the brand, with some impressive testimonials and customer ratings.

Best Shared Hosting winner:
Heart Internet
The sheer range of applications, impressive reliability and technical support at a good price saw Heart Internet win.

Best Dedicated Hosting winner:
The judges were impressed at how Memset offer hassle free, high quality hosting, with a strong UK base and sustainability at its core.

Best VoIP sponsored by Magrathea winner:
The judges appreciated Voipfone’s investments in R&D, forward thinking business practices and commitment to small UK businesses.

Best Consumer Customer Service winner:
The case study put forward by ASK4 offered the best mix of what makes great customer service, with the judge’s particularly impressed with how they offer support in 12 languages.

Best Business Customer Service winner:
The way Catalyst2 have consistently provided great customer service, improved their NPS scores during an impressive period of growth stature made them worthy winners.

Safety Award winner:
eCadets new peer-to-peer approach to online safety is an innovative and smart way to empower and educate children on keeping safe online.

Security Award winner:
The flexibility, portability and range of F-Secure products makes them an excellent choice for ISPs and their customers.

Best Business Use of Cloud winner:
Storm Internet
Storm Internet case showed exactly how businesses can rely on their cloud provider, with IPv6 support and additional RIPE addresses getting the judge’s attention.

Best Use of Digital winner:
The judges noted the sheer range of digital methods used by Hyperoptic to engage current and future customers.