Business ISP C4L Deploys 10Gbps Fibre Optic Network in Bournemouth - ISPreview UK
Internet provider C4L has announced that they’ve begun the deployment of a new 10Gbps (Gigabits per second) capable fibre optic network across the large seaside town of Bournemouth (Dorset) on the south coast of England, which is intended to benefit local businesses.

Apparently the new network went live this week, with C4L providing superfast fibre to the centre of Bournemouth from their Westbourne datacentre. Many in the related areas are currently said to only be able to receive an average download speed of just 3Mbps (Megabits per second).

Matt Hawkins, Chairman and Founder of C4L, said:

Bournemouth is the fastest growing digital economy in the UK, competes globally and is a fantastic place to live and so deserves to have the best chance of continued success with business-grade connectivity. Installing superfast fibre in Bournemouth has always been a dream of mine as I can see how it will accelerate the town even further. With government Connection Vouchers of up to £3000 being eligible in the area now too, there is nothing to stop businesses improving the platform they trade from.”
Unfortunately we couldn’t find a roll-out map for the new network and it should also be said that Bournemouth is by no means a digitally isolated area, with Cityfibre running its ultrafast FTTH network into a number of locations. Meanwhile superfast broadband is also available to a lot of areas via BT’s FTTC and Virgin Media’s cable network.

The town wasn’t recently named as the fastest growing Digital economy in the UK for no reason and C4L’s effort will certainly help to boost that status.