BT TV Advert for UK "Fibre Optic Broadband" Banned for Illegible Text - ISPreview UK
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned a TV advert for BT’s superfast “fibre optic broadbandBTInfinity (FTTC) service after an individual complained that the second set of on-screen text, which contained several significant conditions, was not clearly legible.

The relevant on-screen text referenced contract terms, a breakdown of the services promotional price, usage allowances and various other details, such as one rather odd remark that doesn’t even appear to make much sense – “Online requires 40kbps speed” (did we just go back to dialup?).

Clearcast, which helps to develop and test ads for UK commercial channels, advised the ASA that the relevant on-screen text had passed their “super legibility checks” and was “in line with the relevant BCAP guidance“. The ASA disagreed.
ASA Ruling (REF: A14-265259)

We noted that Clearcast had confirmed that the ad fulfilled the requirements of the BCAP guidance on the standards that superimposed text should meet with regard to the height of text and its duration of hold on screen. However, in this case we noted that the proportions of the superimposed text made it appear compressed and difficult to read and concluded that it would not be sufficiently legible or clear to viewers.

The ASA banned the advert in its current form and told BT to ensure that the superimposed text in their ad was legible, although perhaps they should have also advised Clearcast to refine their “super legibility checks” in order to avoid similar mistakes occurring for future clients.