ISP Broadband Everywhere Brings 20Mbps Satellite Service to Scotland - ISPreview UK
Internet provider Broadband Everywhere (Box Limited) has announced that its SES (Astra Connect) based broadband Satellite platform (ASTRA 2E at 28.2 degrees East), which offers download speeds of up to 20Mbps, has now also become available to rural communities in Scotland.

At present the ISP already serves England and Wales via their similarly positioned ASTRA 2F spacecraft, although the new service in Scotland will instead by supplied via SES’s latest ASTRA 2E spacecraft that was launched into space late last year.

The service also includes a static IP address, which enables users to watch BBC iPlayer, Netflix and other services – even if they choose to install the satellite on a motor home or caravan for travel outside of the United Kingdom.
Steven Burton, Business Sales at Broadband Everywhere, said:

Broadband Everywhere frees users from the limitations of terrestrial Internet connections, and brings fast, reliable broadband anywhere and we are delighted people in Scotland will now be able to benefit from our service. With satellite broadband, there is no need for a phone line or mobile dongle and the connection is unaffected by landscape. If broadband is required at the top of a mountain, in the middle of a field, or simply living in a rural hamlet – this is the perfect service.

We know how important an Internet connection has become so once we have taken someone out of the digital dark ages we want to make sure they stay there,” said Burton. “Once the service is installed they are free to ring any time with technical queries and we will endeavour to get them fixed as quickly and with as little inconvenience as possible
Prices for the new service are similar to other SES based resellers and start from £13 a month for a 4Mbps (0.5Mbps uploads) package with a 3GB usage allowance (it costs £7 if you want to reset this back to zero in any given month) and free activation (saves £30).

Meanwhile the top package with 20Mbps speeds (2Mbps uploads) and a usage allowance of 200GB (the website states “Gb” but we assume they mean GB for GigaBytes instead of Gigabits.. doh) goes for an eye watering £150 per month, all on a 12month contract.

As usual one of the biggest costs for any Satellite service is often with installation and the hardware, which if taken will cost a one-off sum of £300 for the hardware and £150 for a standard installation. However you can get the hardware and install included by paying a higher monthly fee, although this takes the basic £13 package up to £29 per month.

Customers who go over the meagre usage caps will find their service speeds slowed to a crawl, so take note that for another £6 per month you can add unmetered usage between midnight-6am.