thinkbroadband :: First broadband factsheet update for 2014
We know how everyone loves an infographic, so it is time to tell you all about the Q1 2014 edition of our broadband factsheet that is now online, and the old versions are still available for those wanting to see how various metrics are tracking over time.

We have updated our analysis of the actual broadband speeds recorded across the twelve UK regions and also updated the ten fastest and ten slowest postcode regions. Alas none of the regions look close to hitting our projection of the UK speed for 2015, but with the BDUK projects ramping up we may start to see increased take-up impacting the overall results for regions.

The one projection we made for 2015 of their being 23 million fixed broadband lines in the UK is looking to be the one factor we got spot on, as at the start of 2014 there was 22.3 million lines based on the financial reports from operators. It will be interesting to see what effect the Virgin Media speed uplift programme has on average speeds the effect of upgrading over 4 million customers should be clearly visible. An additional advantage to our testing is that it encompasses well over one hundred broadband providers including alt-nets. If you are an alt-net whose service is not automatically detected by our tester, then get in touch to add your IP blocks to our database.