The PlusNet Usergroup (PUG) is an independent group of users from PlusNet, MetroNet, Free-Online and Force9 using the whole range of products and services with a diverse and varied degree of knowledge and expertise.

The group was conceived in April 2004 with the aim of being an independent and officially recognised group of individuals working with each other and with PlusNet to ensure that the products, services, support and facilities are the best we could ask for.

Originally launched in 2004 and totally revamped in December 2005/January 2006 this site is aimed at providing all users of PlusNet, Free-Online, Force9 and MetroNet with the latest PlusNet family news and updates, information on our activities, progress reports as well as a way of contacting us if you feel there is some way that we can help out.

You can visit their site here