I still looking to do the CompTIA A+ and N+ IT courses. I did do a post about skillstrain and after all the responces and just typing skillstrain into google im glad i said NO.

I have been recommended CompTIA Training Online to do the courses through, they offer me both for 499+vat and exams are 108x2 and 159x1 so they whole course is under 1000 which is a hell of lot better then 2250 what skillstrain offered me. I called the company yesterday and they gave me so much information and they didnt pressure me in to buying andthing and didnt even ask for my phone number to keep pestering me. They said for me to call them back if i would like to do it or want any more... They even sent me a 1/4 of the A+ course as a demo!

Anyone used CompTIA Training Online to do the A+ and N+ or heard anything about them.


Anyone recommend a place where i can take the A+ and N+

Many thanks