Is anybody else still running this facility as a backup to Sky broadband?My main reason for using it as backup is that I've got some research to do during the next 3-4 months.Could go for pay as you go but if the broadband throws a wobbly at any time I may need to use the net for lengthy periods.

Am I right in thinking that it's 24 hours notice if I decide to swap over to pay as you go in the future?And I know that there's the 90 day ruling for pay as you go whereby no use of the service means that it will be withdrawn.Does this also apply to surftime?I've been on a couple of the BT Yahoo sites but at the moment certain aspects seem as clear as mud.All assistance greatly appreciated.

I seem to recall Wheelie mentioning something about an extra 1.50 per month that exempts the 3 month period I've already mentioned.

In fact, with any info' that you good people can forward, I think I'll start a research project that looks into the variables and themes of BT Yahoo.