I have Sky Q Router, Since the last few days the internet connection keeps on dropping every now and then. This problem happens on Wifi and Ethernet I am not sure what else to do because I have restarted the router and that hasn't seem to make a difference. My phone line seems to be functioning properly, also I have a faceplate installed so that can't be the issue.Besides I am using the ADSL that has came with the router.

Sometime back I purchased BT powerlines, the ethernet cables that came with the BT powerlines were rubbish, they were made from cheap plastic material also I was having issues with devices saying that the ethernet weren't connected to my devices. So what I decided to do was, I decided to purchase high quality ethernet cables and once I started using them my issues were resolved.

Also the ADSL cable that came with my Sky Broadband the quality doesn't look that good, also I will purchase a new ADSL cable and I will let you know if it will make a difference.

Any suggestions appreciated?

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