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GOOGLE MAPS has been given an April Fools makeover and is letting users play seminal 1980s arcade game Ms Pac-Man in streets across the UK. Here's how to play Ms Pac-Man in your web browser, iOS and Android Google Maps app.

The classic arcade game Ms Pac-Man is now playable in any street in the UK, thanks to a frustratingly addictive new update to Google Maps.

The California-based search firm is now allowing Google Maps users to launch a game of Ms Pac-Man through the streets of their hometown at any time.
Ms Pac-Man is available to play online and through an updated version of the iOS and Android mobile apps.

How To Play

The teeth-grindingly addictive video game is slowing rolling out across the world as April Fools' day hits.

To play Ms Pac-Man in your browser, simply navigate to to

In the bottom left-hand corner where users are given the option to switch to satellite images Google has added a button to launch Ms Pac-Man.

Controlling Pac-Man is simple tap on the up, down, left and right arrows to move the iconic chomping yellow circle through the streets to collect dots and cherries.

Just remember to avoid Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

Playing Ms Pac-Man on Google's iOS and Android mobile apps differs slightly.

There is a banner in the lower-third of the screen advertising the game, which you can drag up and tap to play Ms Pac-Man.

Alternatively, there is a round icon on the right hand-side, too.

Strangely, some users have reported that the iOS version of the game will let you choose a location by navigating there and then launching the game, while the Android version will transport the player to a randomised spot each time.

Either way, Ms Pac-Man is controlled by swiping on the touchscreen.

Google has ranked cities by High Scores, which can be viewed from with the Android and iOS apps.

The launch of Ms Pac-Man for April Fools' Day is actually an update to a similar gag back in 2015.
Comment: When Google did this a couple of years back it was quite poplar with various places being suggested. Why not post your suggestions below?

To get the ball rolling with one of my favourites why not try the Arc de Triomphe?!4d2.2950275

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