‘Googly-Eyed’ Squid Found Off California Coast CBS San Francisco
LOS ANGELES (CBS) A research vessel plying the deep waters off the California coast last week discovered an unusual googly-eyed cephalopod.

A remote-controlled submersible craft searching the seafloor at a depth of about 2,950 feet found the googly-eyed stubby squid, CBS Los Angeles reported. The finding was broadcast live to viewers.

Researchers, who were controlling the submersible aboard the research vessel E/V Nautilus, were clearly enamored of the animals cartoonishly large eyes.

The stubby squid is known to inhabit Pacific waters from Japan to Southern California at depths of up to 1,000 feet. They have also been found at depths of up to 4,200 feet.

Comment: This is just a little too deep for most divers to reach. 1,000 feet equate to 305m. Newly qualified divers are only allowed to 18m or 20m (dependant of organisation which they trained with). PADI allows air divers to 40m, whilst BSAC it's 50m. However the deepest open-circuit dive is currently 318.25m with an unofficial record set at 330m. It took the guy nearly 9 hours to complete that dive!