'Daily Mail's Notes' For Glastonbury Reporters Found
A rather interesting piece of paper has turned up among the leftover rubbish at Worthy Farm, appearing the show the Daily Mailís instructions to its reporters who were covering the event.

Ok, so maybe itís not *quite* real. We donít think the DM would actually use Comic Sans as a font.

The satirical joke note tells photographers to focus on:

  • Pretty girls in wellies
  • Pretty girls in sandals
  • Pretty girls in bikinis
  • Pretty girls in mud
  • Pretty girls in crowds
  • Pretty girls in fancy dress
  • Pretty girls flashing breasts
  • Weird looking men

Meanwhile, reporters are told:

  • Never identify yourself as a Daily Mail reporter or they may lynch you.
  • If you find a story first think ďHow can I make this two stories?Ē
  • Be shocked by all drug and alcohol consumption (except your own).
  • Be shocked by all swearing (except your own).
  • Take notes on any performers who criticise the Queen, David Cameron or Gary Barlow.
  • Remember: All cigarettes are suspicious.
  • Mock anyone who embraces the festival spirit seriously.
  • No photographs of Muslims unless they appear to be unhappy.
  • Ask each reveller what their house is worth and what their parents do for a living.
  • Assume theyíre all on benefits - if they say theyíre not then theyíre probably lying.
  • REMEMBER: If you donít understand it, itís probably wrong. This is a strange and dangerous place, donít be seduced by the hedonism.