William Shatner creates Spock portrait from Star Trek fan selfies to honour Leonard Nimoy - Telegraph

Captain Kirk got fans of the series to tweet him photos of them performing the Vulcan's salute

Leonard Nimoy, the much-loved Star Trek actor who died in February aged 83, has been honoured in his role as Mr Spock by a photo mosaic of thousands of fans performing his iconic salute.

As Dr McCoy said in the film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: Hes not really dead, as long as we remember him." Many of Nimoy's fans drew together to remember the actor thanks to a spur from another key Star Trek actor.

William Shatner, who for many years played Captain Kirk to Nimoy's Spock on the TV series and in subsequent films, crowdsourced pictures of fans doing the Vulcan's "live long and prosper" salute and made them into a mosaic photo tribute.

Shatner kept his intentions under wraps when he made his initial request for fans to send in pictures, asking only that they send in selfies of themselves performing the gesture.

Fans had previously "Spocked" Canadian bank notes in tribute.

With the emphasis on the "prosper" part of Nimoy's Star Trek catchphrase, "Live long and prosper", the Canadian Design Resource encouraged fans to change the face of the premier on Canadian bank notes to look like Spock, in the wake of a Reddit thread last year that edited Nimoy's face on the bank note after a new five-dollar bill celebrating space was introduced.

This tribute to Leonard Nimoy puts Spock on a Canadian bank note (Reddit)