Perhaps wildly off-topic, but I know that our membership has a very diverse range of people.

On my local news last night, and again this morning, they carried a story of a musical clock made by George Pyke, an English Clock Maker.

There are 8 barrels with different tunes and one (a German carol) has been identified, along with two others. This means that there are 5 to be identified.

This week on South Today we're telling you the story of a very rare musical clock. The ornate clock, which stands at more than six feet tall, was made in 1765 by the English clockmaker George Pyke, who was much in demand by royalty. Designed to play eight separate tunes, the clock is one of only a handful of its kind left in existence. Experts have so far only been able to identify three of the tunes, so can you help us find out what the others are? This is the fourth track which is Sancta Cima A German Xmas Carol. And you can see the full report on Wednesday's South Today on BBC1 at 18:30. And we'll post two tracks here on Facebook each day this week.
This is where you can all come in to help. Please take a look at their facebook page below to see if you can recognise the others. Each day two tunes will be added for people to listen to and to respond with suitable suggestions.

The original article is in the episode linked below, but there are only around 10 hours remaining at the time of me posting for this to be viewed:

BBC One - South Today, 05/08/2014

You'll need to jump to 26:00 for the article.

Good lck & thank you.