Well the story goes, i was in the army for 7 years as a corporal in the royal signals, living and breathing telecommunications. An unfortunate family drama occured and i had to leave. I decided to apply for a job as a field engineer to which i thought i wud have sufficient qualifications and experience. Me and a mate applied at the same time, few months later he got a telephone interview and was asked to attend the local college for some tests. Hes worked an office job since he left school, with nothing to do with telecomms. Well a year later i still have nothing back from sky except automated e-mails 1 minute saying they are no longer recruiting in my area, and the other i got a couple of months ago saying they will be recruiting in my area up untill july. Tired of trying to get a job as field enginner so now going for broadband technician as theres nowt else in my area. Anyone else had the same dramas as me.

Fife area