A nude photo of the French Presidents wife, has been
put up for auction at Christie's New York.
I must say, in this case itís a very striking pose and a
tasteful and beautiful picture.
The photograph is now all over the Internet so I donít think
I will put in a bid.
It had me thinking however, of what Prime Minister Brown
might say to the President over supper.
My suggestion is the thread title.

There is another story this week about photographs of a
famous American actress.
In the case of the actress, the tacky photographs, were allegedly
taken by a boyfriend years ago, before she was famous.
The rat has now sold the pictures and they too are on the Internet.
I will not post her name as she denies the pictures are of her.

This should serve as a warning to us all, especially the young
who use the social networking sites.
Remember anything you put on the Internet might come back to
haunt you later in life.