Any thoughts on the following:

I recently bought a Sony KDL-40D3000 LCD. Absolutely superb with no real problems.

A friend of mine bought the same one but needed a longer power lead. As it is not hard-wired and uses a 'kettle' type lead he purchased a new longer lead and thought to be safe (warranty etc) he would use the fuse in the original lead.

When he changed it over he found the original lead had a 13amp fuse in it which he found odd as these LCD's use less power than a CRT tv which usually has a 3 or 5amp fuse fitted.

The manual was ambiguous as it only said that if you do not have a fused plug then make sure the circuit board has a 13amp fuse in it. This is not really possible as you do not, as far as I am aware, have any 13amp MCB's.

When I checked the manual the spec's say that the power usage max is 169w. To find the amperage you divide the wattage by the voltalge. 169/240 = 0.7 which equates to a 3amp fuse.

We have both changed the fuses to 3amp and the TV's are obviously working fine.

I spoke to Sony CS and they said the reason was to protect the cord in case you cut through it! They went on to say that the TV was protected by a much lower fuse internally. When I asked if the user could change it if it blew they said no, only an engineer could do it.

Is it me or is this a dangerous situation and also maybe a way of Sony making money if the internal fuse went!