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    Xbox360 or PS3?

    This is a discussion on Xbox360 or PS3? within the General chat forums, part of the Community channel category; Hi Guys Ive been a few years out of the gaming way of life, but I really want to splash ...

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      Xbox360 or PS3?

      Hi Guys

      Ive been a few years out of the gaming way of life, but I really want to splash out on something for me... so that, it seems, brings the choice down to either a PS3 or Xbox360 Elite...

      What would you choose and why?


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      Re: Xbox360 or PS3?

      Xbox 360, Why?
      • Alot cheaper then the PS3
      • Feature Rich with Addons (Xbox Live)
      • Use as Media Centre Extender

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      Re: Xbox360 or PS3?

      Apart from the first point the PS3, does all of the same things and more.

      • Internet Access from your TV

      • Free online gaming with friends or complete strangers. No 5 fee like Xbox Live.

      • Graphics are better than XBox.

      Like for Like, XBox and PS3 are very similar (not as many titles as the XBox available though). The price is a bit steep for the PS3, however I think that's going to change around or just after Xmas and the price is going to drop (so it can compete with X-BOX 360). On eBay, you might find a bargain for a PS3 and you definitely will find a bargain on X-BOX 360's.

      2008 is rumoured to be the year for the PS3, I guess people are saying that, due to games developers would have had time to get to grips with the hardware and Sony annoucing some cool ideas for where they will be taking the PS3 next year.

      If your after a laugh when your mates are around, why not look at the Wii. Got the Wii & PS3, the Wii is excellent for when you've got the mates around. It's a laugh. Besides the Wii is much cheaper and it will get you more involved in the game your playing.
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      Re: Xbox360 or PS3?

      [Cobbled from here: ]



      - The PS3 is currently way too expensive for a games console. Cheap for a blu-ray player, fair enough, but very overpriced for a *games* machine.

      - The PS3 has hardly any top-notch exclusive games at the moment. Motorstorm is good fun, & looks great. Resistance: Fall of Man is OK/average, & is trampled on by Gears of War (360) & COD3 (360/PS3). Other than that... nothing. Oblivion, The Darkness, DiRT, Splinter Cell Double Agent, Fight Night Round 3, COD3, Virtua Tennis 3, Def Jam Icon, F.E.A.R., the various EA Sports games, etc. etc. etc.... all out on the 360 too (with some of them released *ages* ago on the 360).

      - More previously PS exclusive games are going multiformat.... Virtua Tennis 3 is already out on the 360, Virtua Fighter 5 is coming to the 360 soon (& will have online play unlike the PS3 version), Grand Theft Auto IV is coming to the 360 at the same time as the PS3, Devil May Cry 4 is coming to the 360 at the same time as the PS3, Assassin's Creed is coming to the 360 at the same time as the PS3, etc. Rumours abound about the future status of Metal Gear Solid & Final Fantasy...

      - The 360 is apparently cheaper & easier to develop for than the PS3, plus has a much larger userbase, plus is selling more.

      - Power-wise, they're a fairly even match. The 360 has a better GPU, while the PS3 has (potentially) a better CPU with the Cell [once the developers finally get to grips with it]. The same games on both systems tend to look pretty equal, with perhaps improvements in one area on the 360 version & another area on the PS3 version.

      - The 360 has more, & better, exclusives than the PS3 (IMO). e.g. The Halo games (including the upcoming Halo 3 & Halo Wars); Gears of War; the Project Gotham Racing games (PGR1 & 2 on the old Xbox, PGR3 on the 360, the upcoming PGR4 on the 360); Forza 1 (Xbox) & Forza 2 (360); Dead Rising; Lost Planet; Bioshock; the upcoming Splinter Cell 5; the upcoming Mass Effect (huge action RPG from the guys behind Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic & Baldur's Gate); Blue Dragon & Lost Odyssey (two RPGs from Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy series); etc. etc. etc.

      - Although Xbox Live Gold (the XBL tier with online multiplayer) costs ~40/year, while the PlayStation Network is free, XBL is currently apparently much much better, & is easily worth the small annual cost. LOL, I even know people with PS3s & 360s who actually use their 360s for voice chat while playing online on the PS3, 'cos the PSN's voice chat sucks.

      Simply....Why buy a PS3 now, for four hundred quid, just to play one or two good exclusives, plus a load of games also out on the (cheaper) 360? (which also has more games anyway)

      I may well get a PS3, to add to my 360 & Wii, but not 'till next year, by which time the price will most likely have dropped (Sony are going to *have* to cut it, as it's selling so badly) & there should hopefully finally be some decent games for it (Haze! And eventualyl God of War III).

      The only reason I'd get one *now*, if I had a "spare" 425, would be to use it as a Blu-ray player, & to play the awesome God of War 2 (the PS2's recently released Best Game Ever).



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