i may go on a bit here (as i have nothing better to do as this time in the morning)

i registered for sky bb around july 06, once i had been sent info to sign up i put in motion and late september had my router, activation date and was ready to start surfing on the world wide web (had never had any internet at home before)

Activation date arrived and could not get any internet, so phoned sky help and to cut a long story short did not get anywhere, after a couple of weeks was so frustrated that i just gave up, as i had signed up for base was not costing anything so left it dead.

6 weeks later i decided to try again and spoke to cs again (various people), ended up being a problem with my BT line, so had bt out to fit a master socket (only had the juction box inside front door, then extensions) once socket in could then log on, fantastic, after about 2 weeks i even upped to mid and was getting around 5meg sync.

all gravy until i had a mass power surge in my house which knocked out all sort of items including my router, phoned sky to check if i needed to buy another router from sky or if i could pick one up from the high street.
was very happy when advised would get a replacment sent and 4-5 day later new router arrived.

can you guess what happens next ?

would not sync ! no internet.
now you would have thought i would remeber what happened when i fist signed up but no !, i was on the phone to CS again ranting about no inertnet, did then speak to tier 3 who went through a few things and noticed router (password/mac/something ?) was not logged on there system, he said they would look into it and pnone back, after a couple of days had a message saying all was well and to try and log on.
managed to log on and had some internet access but always seemed to disconnect, LCP down, ect, ect. back on the phone to cs, no joy getting anthing done for a while then had another message left saying line capped and to check connection ? was not much better ?

can you guess my problem ?

had been running on extention before power surge and still using after power surge, Doh !! (i know, and i also know i should have been listening to the various CS who proberbly would have asked about this quite a few times).
then took comp and router downstairs and plonked in the front room, took off face plate, plugged into test socket and have no drop outs since (and because plug is behind sofa, hidden out of view i have left it there)

well thats all for the first year on sky BB, will update again next year