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    UK Cable Network - Desirable?

    This is a discussion on UK Cable Network - Desirable? within the General chat forums, part of the Community channel category; Since Virgin Media come in, Has it been? Cable TV - Excluded from some of the great TV shows ( ...

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      UK Cable Network - Desirable?

      Since Virgin Media come in, Has it been?

      Cable TV - Excluded from some of the great TV shows (BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Sky One poaches Prison Break show , BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Channel 4 loses Lost to Sky One , BBC NEWS | Business | Q&A: Sky and Virgin Media TV row)

      Cable Broadband - Hideous FUP (Virgin Media Begins Broadband Traffic Management)

      Cable Phone - Nothing Special...

      O.K they have a far superior technology - But is it someone still worth Bragging about?

      *Comments in this thread are my own - Yours may differ - Please post them!

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      Re: UK Cable Network - Desirable?

      Cable broadband *

      [* Unless you download a lot during peak times]

      Cable TV

      I did use to wish I was still in a cabled area. Rarely had any problems with ntl Broadband. Plus, no "line distance" issues like with ADSL. But, my Sky BB is now pretty much rock solid, not quite as stable as I had with ntl, but still very good. And, of course, it's insanely cheap, & very fast.

      Cable TV....I am so, so glad I don't have cable TV anymore. Awful, when I had ntl TV. Horrible, sloooow, unresponsive & v v hot Pace STB, which also had a regular habit of freezing up. Ah, & a useless "red button" service. And a 24 hour EPG. Even more glad I don't have VM TV... no Sky 1 etc.

      So, as much as it pains me to say it - I'm glad to be giving my money to Mr Murdoch!

      I think ntl:Telwest should've stayed as ntl:Telewest... instead of wasting money buying Virgin Mobile, wasting money buying the rights to the "Virgin" name, & wasting money then rebranding as VM, maybe they could've spent it on the network etc. instead...

      I wonder how much it cost them to design the Virgin Media "pringle" logo, lol.

      The whole rebrand has been a waste of time, I think.

      Bought the rights to the "Virgin" name, to try & disassociate themselves from the poor rep ntl had... yet instead, I think that they could be giving the Virgin name a bad rep now, rather than the Virgin name giving ntl a good rep.

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      Re: UK Cable Network - Desirable?

      nope since VM took over its gone downhill - they say the network cant cope etc - funny it did with the previous 8 upgrades over the 10 years i had it

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      Re: UK Cable Network - Desirable?

      We left NTL when the TV box was getting so hot you could smell the electronics and plstic burning, yet numerous engineers came round and pronounced it OK and there was nothing wrong with it, after the box completely packed up and NTL refused to replace it we left to go to Sky.

      When they picked up the box the viewing card was burnt and partially melted and this was after it was pronounced OK the week before.

      We had serious problems with the cable network as our signal to noise ratio was always dreadful and we always had a BB engineer round trying to sort it out when we kept on losing signal lock on the cable modem all for a lovely 120 / month for the full monty package.

      now we Pay 80 (including BT line rental) a month and now have HD, multiroom fast broadband and a generally better service, (even though the swap to BB was dreadful is was still better that NTL) so I'm afraid I won't be going back to cable anytime soon.



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