I was bored yesterday and was looking through my origin account and saw that there was Free Games to download, so i downloaded Need For Speed. Then i wanted to use my PS4 contoller to play so i tried one way i saw and it didnt work but i then found a way that does so i thought i would post it here.

Special thanks to InhexSTER from the pcsx2 forums for method.

1) Install the latest xbox-360-controller-for-windows drivers https://www.microsoft.com/hardware/e...er-for-windows (helps with compatibility)

2)Download the latest version of the DS4 to XInput Wrapper http://forums.pcsx2.net/attachment.php?aid=48784 .

3)Unzip the files to a folder on your hard drive and
Run ScpDriver.exe from the Virtual Bus Driver folder and click install.

5)Connect the DualShock 4 through bluetooth or USB (Hold the PS logo and share button until the light bar flashes rapidly to allow the controller to sync.

5)Start ScpServer.exe and click Start.

6)The controller will appear on top of list (up-to four controllers can be connected).

7)Using the options you are able to adjust the color of the light bar using RGB, turn on/off rumble and adjust the sensitivity of the touchpad.