Heres the situation....

Set-up is Xbox 360 to Wireless Router (D-Link); My NAT Settings are open, my Xbox Live test brings up 4 bar connection (best possible), I can easily connect to Xbox Live.


in games such as COD Black Ops and FIFA 11 my connection is awful. I always find myself with a red bar connection and games unplayable.

Ive been searching high and low to the reason this is happening but Ive had no luck.

Ive read that bandwidth might be the issue but the only 2 things connected to my router are my Mac and Xbox 360.

The connection becomes awful mainly in the evening times, in the daytime ive never had a problem the connection would be at its fullest and games would run perfectly.

Has anyone got any ideas to this because I really am clueless here.

My network connection is next to perfect so why are my online games so terrible?

Many thanks is advance.