Hi All,

Just thought I would share the fix that worked for me :-

My Xbox 360 was happily connected and working on windows XP, windows media player 11 through the sky netgear router.

Then after several weeks of all working fine, it suddenly stopped working and from the network test on the Xbox all i got was PC Not Listed ????

I could still access Xbox live i.e. the Xbox could still access the internet, but it could no longer see my PC.

After trying many solutions along the lines of fire walls, routing settings, xbox settings etc nothing worked.

However last night I uninstalled windows media player 11.
With my Xbox switched ON, re-installed Windows media player11
From Windows Media Player - went to the Library - Options - Turned on Media Sharing - turned on Allow Xbox360
From the Xbox went to network test - PC connection - then this time it found my PC again i.e. I no longer received the PC not Listed error.

I have no idea why it suddenly stopped working in the first place, I'm guessing it was a Microsoft auto update on the PC, but could be wrong.