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well you do have sky hd

I guess you have to prioritise these things though
Yeah, it's a case of managing the costs of what I do have with the costs of what I need, what I have is a pretty complete set of home media, but with a flaw in the networking side of things - coming from the BT Home Hub which wirelessly in the same house was fine, I expected to go straight into the Sky Wireless router without any issues too.

These adapters would be under the catagory of want, but can't manage for now, at least for 5 weeks time (I should be starting work again next week, sadly it's a monthly payment scheme - first time for everything), so at that point, should Sky still be unable to find any problems, these will be getting purchased.

Maybe you could flog your MS wireless adaptor on ebay or something to help pay for a couple of homeplugs?
It could be done, but I do use the Wireless adapter at other peoples houses too, being that I am friends with a number of fanatic gamers, we get together and play - so for that I would need to keep it.