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    Unofficial - SKy in future to offer FASTPATH

    This is a discussion on Unofficial - SKy in future to offer FASTPATH within the Gaming on Sky forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; Hi I have spent about 2 years with crappy net connections for gaming with slow opening web pages and constant ...

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      Re: Unofficial - Sky in future to offer FAST PATH

      I have spent about 2 years with crappy net connections for gaming with slow opening web pages and constant drop outs .

      Since going over to sky for my connection i was getting about 80 kb up stream and 8 meg down but also was getting constant drop outs . Even after they reduced my speed down to 6 meg dropouts were happening all the time.
      Eventually I was put through to a sky engineer in the escalations department and he said don't worie i will fix it for you.
      This person was extremely help full and I had also managed to get bt to come out and physically check my line back to the exchange. ( 2 or 3 faults were fixed but still drop outs happened .
      Back talking to the sky enginer once again he then reconfigured the line after doing more tests. I had even had my house completely re wired to make sure it was not a problem at my end. He even tested the ping and noise levels on my line with all other things like telly and phone disconnected and then with my master socket replaced .

      Any way to the point what ever he did my pings for half-life death match went from 60 to 18 which was great . For 3 month I have had a GREAT 6 MEG CONNECTION WITH 79 KB UP SPEED NO DROP OUTS .....

      But at the beginning of July i noticed in hlsw and via the steam network that my pings had risen up to 40 again, and thats only 250 miles to my servers which are in London. Also I was getting dropouts AGAIN GRRRR.
      Today I have spent yet another hour on hold before finaly getting put through to the escalations department again ..

      THE BAD NEWS is that this person told me that I had previously been put on a fast track which was a service that sky did not offer and if the person got found out he could get sacked from his job for doing it but he was a mate so he would not report him .

      So the bottom line is that sky can put you on a fast track 0 delay system and although you might have to be put on a slightly slower speed to keep it stable INFACT web pages and all operations via the net will be faster, and the difference for me was a ping of 18 on the fast track to 40 on an 8 max delay and 70 ping on the standard 32 delay WHICH SKY PUT ALL CONNECTIONS ON WHEN YOU FIRST SIGN UP WITH THEM..

      I want my 0 max delay or fast track back and i see no reason why sky cant just offer it if you want it especially as they can already do it but its not company policy to offer it I think this is ridiculous..

      Does any one know of any companies that do offer the fast track or what its like on cable as I am SO p****d of with INTERNET companies bull s**t that I would gladly pay the difference to have cable fitted ....
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      Re: Unofficial - SKy in future to offer FASTPATH

      Zen will offer Fastpath but you won't get near the Sky price of 10p/m on max unlimited.


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