Xbox 360 NAT Fixed (I think)

Well i was on my Xbox 360 and a 2 days before Microsoft made a huge 8 hour update. So i just changed my DNS option to Automatic and did a Xbox Live test (I did this twice to make sure). Then it came up all Confrimed but then my NAT said Open. This was a bit strange as the UPnP was off on my router so i was wondering why it did not come up as Moderate (as it usually does). So i went onto the router settings to double check that the UPnP was off and it was. So i am thinking that this huge Xbox 360 update made this happen or maybe Sky has done something through the line to the router. I am not sure what has done this but i suppose this is good news for Xbox 360 owners using Sky's router as you do not have to have UPnP on as this only enables 1 Xbox 360 to have a Open NAT.