After having been with Skys Freesat for over ~ 5 years, I decided to upgrade my digibox to a quicker pace model which I purchased as a second hand from eBay.

After plugging this new Pace digibox I inserted my Sky viewing card (Freesat) and it appeared to start working. When l looked closely some freesat channels werent appearing. I was receiving CH4, CH5 etc which only worked when I inserted the viewing card. However lots of other freesat channels such as those in the 700,800 range and the radio channels werent visible.

Today with the card in the digibox, even CH4 and CH5 and a number of other freesat channels have disapeared aswell.

Anybody know what I should do? - I have spoken to Sky and they advised to to update the software by pressing backup and booting the digibox but this hasnt worked.