Photography has evolved over the 200+ years since the first camera obscura was created. From using silver and tin plates, to glass and paper, many now just leave their images in electronic form, publishing on the Internet.

There has always been a limiting factor though.

The captured image.

Sure there are packages such as Photoshop that allow you to alter things, Lightroom which allow you to improving the overall lighting of the image, but normally it is just going to be a single image.

If something in your photo is underexposed, then often no amount of work is going to get a suitable image from that part of the photo. If you overexpose the image, then you can wash out the rest of the image.

HDR is a whole new ball game.

Essentially it allows you to combine multiple shots of the same scene. Each image is either slightly more or less exposed than the key image.

Want to give this a go?

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