With the growing number of dash cams and helmet cameras being used across the country, will drivers and cyclists improve how they use the road?

In tonight's Inside Out (East) they'll be covering this story, but it really is an issue that affects us all.

BBC News - How Harlow bus driver Dave Sherry became a 'driving vigilante'

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A friend who happens to be an ADI (Advanced Driving Instructor) has seen a lot of stupid acts whilst she is teaching her students and when she is driving her car without them. As a result she now has a video camera and records the footage, posting it on Facebook, where various other ADIs share their experiences.

Does this action cost people their jobs? Yes. Those who drive dangerously in company vehicles are in danger of bringing their firms into disrepute.

Should those who record the footage feel guilty? Well what do you think? Let us know.

Do you have a camera in your car, van or lorry? What about those who are on motorbikes or bicycles. Do you wear one on you helmet or have it mounted on your bike? Of course lets not forget other road users such as horse riders. They too can wear these cameras.

Remember too that these cameras can also record your own mistakes when driving.

Do drive and ride safely.