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    Stupid Mortgage Company

    This is a discussion on Stupid Mortgage Company within the Everyday Life forums, part of the Community channel category; We have a mortgage with a lender who no longer lends now, however the account is still live. Last year ...

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      Stupid Mortgage Company

      We have a mortgage with a lender who no longer lends now, however the account is still live.

      Last year I noticed that they have been charging me for a buildings insurance, even though we are insured through MoreThan. I approached the mortgage company and they said they would refund the premiums paid, and promptly added some money back against the principle loan amount.

      They still owed us over 300 and they said that they would send a cheque, this was in July last year. In November, I rang them to see where this cheque was, and they confirmed, it had not been cashed, and so I told them to credit it to the Mortgage Account, and we would pay 300 odd less that month.

      When I got the statement through the other month, there was no credit, and we were behind 300 odd. So I rang them.

      After about a week, they rang me back, and said, that the cheque had been cashed in July 2011 - News to me, as the cheque was in my name, and bear in mind, they had already agreed to credit the account back in November 2011 as the cheque had not been cashed.

      So after about 7 weeks, I rang them this morning to see who had cashed the cheque, so I could report it to the Police as fraud. As they had already agreed to do the necessary work, I expected a reply of, it was cashed at name of Bank, on date of cashing, by someone called Joe Bloggs. Nope. Their reply was, because Barclays would charge them 50 to investigate, they were therefore refusing to cooperate, and would not be providing me with any details whatsoever. (To save 50)

      I then rang the FOS and they confirmed that the Bank has to investigate, as I have never even seen the cheque, let alone cashed it, and that also the Mortgage Company would have to credit the amount of 300 odd to our Mortgage Account, as that is what they had previously agreed to do, back in November 2011

      They also said that the FOS would glady take on my case and now write to the Mortgage Company telling them to put things right. The things is, for the FOS to take the case on, means that the Mortgage Company will now get charged approximately 850 for the privillege of the FOS taking the case on, total stupidity, and I cannot believe that a Mortgage Company can be so unhelpful.

      Our friends in Blue, were just as helpful, heres the crime reference number, ring your bank and get them to check to see if the cheque has been cashed into your account. Hello, if it had of been, a) it would have been on my bank statements, and b) I would have had to drive to Warrington to deposit it into my account anyway of which I am sure I could remember doing so, if I had of done.

      They have also promptly shut the crime reference down, telling me to recontact them again once the FOS have dealt with it, as it is not really a crime. Unbelieveable.
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      Re: Stupid Mortgage Company

      I think the crime is in the Mortgage Bank. All too often they want to hide from their responsibilities.

      Good luck with it though.

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