A new film was being recorded in Weymouth last week. It's reportedly going to be called 'Dunkirk'.

UPDATED: Filming in Weymouth today for war epic Dunkirk - as Tom Hardy said to be in town (From Dorset Echo)
Filming in Weymouth today for war epic Dunkirk - as Tom Hardy said to be in town

STARS were spotted in Weymouth Harbour today as filming took place for Hollywood blockbuster Dunkirk.

The director of the Second World War epic, Christopher Nolan, was spotted shooting scenes on the harbour front with actor Mark Rylance.

The film's other big names, including Harry Styles, Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, have yet to be spotted much to the disappointment of many young fans who waited since the early hours to see them.

Rebecca Benson, 29, a healthcare assistant from Portland said: "I've come down because I'm a big fan of the Peaky Blinders and I want to see Cillian Murphy.

"We've been here two hours and haven't seen anything yet, I'm going to come back down tomorrow though."

Access to the harbourside along South Parade and Custom House Quay has been restricted, denying onlookers a glimpse of the action.

Sarah Evans, 21, a housekeeper from Buckinghamshire who had been hoping to spot a celebrity said: "All the filming is orientated diagonally across the harbour.

"If we get to see anything it's going to be minimal as all the views are barred off."

It has been rumoured that Harry Styles and Tom Hardy are in the town, and may be set to shoot at night as filming continues to the early hours.

The big-budget movie has also attracted attention from an historical perspective, with many local 1950s navy boats being commissioned for the set.

Retired Martin Young from Preston said: "We've cycled down today just to see what's going on. I wanted to see the old boats and how they have restored them, I think it's really good for the town."

Holidaymaker Donna Williamson, who is staying in a guesthouse on the Esplanade, has also enjoyed watching the crew set up.

She said: "When they were setting up, they put all dirt down to cover the yellow lines to make the set authentic, and then the road sweeper came along and swept it all away. They had to start all over again."

However, for those who have been affected by the traffic and who have boats in the marina filming has been disruptive.

Elizabeth Rowe, 37, from Swanscombe, Kent, stopping in Weymouth as part of a sailing holiday from Southampton to Torquay said: "We have a boat in the
marina but we can't get it out, we're governed by the tides and the only time we can get out is in the middle of the day when they're filming so we can't move until Friday now.

"No one told us anything about it when we called to book the boat in or called to lift the bridge up."

Filming will continue tomorrow rom 2pm to 2am for what is expected to be the last day of shooting in Dorset.
Here's a teaser...

A cast including Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh and Harry Styles head up the ambitious new film from Interstellar and Inception director Christopher Nolan, which tells of allied soldiers during the Dunkirk evacuation of the second world war. Dunkirk will be released in UK and US cinemas on 21 July 2017