Yes, remember when Britney started very well in my late thirties.
We went to see her in concert in 2009, all our OH and families made us males attend. A major twelve differing family group attended and all us males forced along.
We all loved it and must admit was one of the best female acts I've ever seen, except probably Madonna.
It was very raunchy and at least a quarter of the audience were Men.
We all felt out of place dress wise, as all the women and children were in character along with many others there, but most of us Males were all in our heavy rock getup.
Probably should not shout it out and ruin any reputation, haha! But a good show is a good show!

Anyway, back to topic, this is bad in my eyes;

Never much liked the Aerosmith version of Come Together. Just feel they could have tried harder in a few places.