ITV Cymru Wales HD launches on August 25 | Wales - ITV News

ITV Cymru Wales will broadcast its news and programmes in HD from August 25.

The current ITV HD service from transmitters in Wales (on Freeview channel 103) will become ITV Cymru Wales HD.

Viewers in Wales watching via Sky, Freesat and Cable will also receive ITV Cymru Wales HD.

A key strength of ITV Cymru Wales is that the news and programmes we make in Wales are available to all viewers in Wales, so it's fantastic that we will soon be transmitting in HD.

Securing the investment needed for HD transmissions across Freeview, satellite and cable has been a key priority for us since our move to our new broadcast centre in Cardiff Bay a year ago. It further demonstrates the value that ITV places in the distinctive news and programmes we make here in Wales.
It's also terrific news for Welsh rugby fans as the changes will be in place in time for our special coverage of the Wales team in the Rugby World Cup, including all the live games that feature Wales.

Phil Henfrey, Head of News and Programmes, ITV Cymru Wales

How can I watch ITV Cymru Wales HD?

  • If you have a Freeview box the SD service will be at 3 and if is HD capable then the HD service will be at 103.
  • If you have a Sky HD box, the HD service will be at 103. If you have an Sky SD box, the SD service will be at 103.
  • If you have a Freesat box the SD service will be at 103, and if it is HD capable the HD service will be at 119.
  • If you have Virgin Media, the HD service will be at 113.

You may need to retune your TV or set-top box from August 25 to receive all of the ITV services in your area.

As a result of the technical changes being made on the day, ITV4 will increase its reach in rural areas, becoming available on all transmitters in the UK for the first time.

ITV3+1 will increase its broadcast hours from 6pm until 6am daily (main transmitters only).

For more details on the changes, click below to contact ITV Viewer Services.

According to last week's Ofcom Communication Market Report, over half of homes in Wales now have access to HDTV services.
Important Note: For those members in Wales who have series set up to record on ITV you are advised to recheck that they are scheduled to record. In many cases the links could be broken. I don't have the information available for Freesat and Freeview, but I would advise that you check these too.