Samsung is developing an 11k 'super-resolution' display TV screen | Daily Mail Online
Forget about 4k and even 8k TVs, Samsung is developing an 11k 'super-resolution' display... But will it be pixel overload?

  • Samsung developing 11k screens which will boast 2250 pixels per inch
  • They are expected to go on sale in 2018 with a mobile offering to follow
  • But experts say increases in pixels will be unnoticeable to the human eye
  • The South Korean government is pumping 17m ($26.5m) into the project

Samsung is developing a display crammed so full of pixels that it produces a 3D effect, without the need for 3D glasses.

The company is already looking to take the next step and surpass its own 'Ultra HD' 4k and even 8k screens and produce an 11k display, according to reports.

The super-sharp screens will be developed first for TVs and will then be scaled down for phones

The electronics giant is partnering with the South Korean government to produce the displays, which will boast 2250 pixels per inch, according to Electronic Times.

When 11k screens are implemented on mobile devices, the pixel density will produce a '3D effect', according to the report.

To put this is context, the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple's current premium handset, features 401 pixels per inch.

It is hoped that the project, dubbed EnDK, will produce a prototype by 2018, and the technology will be ready for smartphone use by 2019.

Last year Samsung released a curved 105 inch television with a price tag of 77,000 ($120,000), so tech enthusiasts with a love of super high definition displays might want to start saving now.

The Korean government is pumping 17m ($26.5m) into the project over five years, which is a partnership between Samsung and 13 other companies that launched in June.

While the development will be welcomed by some tech enthusiasts, some experts say such increases in pixels will be unnoticeable to the human eye.

'Although some might think that 11K as "over specification" that consumers do not need, this can work as a basis for Korean display industry take another leap if related materials and parts improve through this,' said Executive Director Chu of Samsung Display.

'We are hoping that we are able to show such technologies at Pyeongchang Olympics if there is a progress in developing technologies.'

Creating ever-more detailed displays has now become the battleground for screen manufacturers, after they appear to have got as thin as they can go, with LG showing off a 1mm 'wallpaper' screen design earlier this year.


Back in 2010, the late Steve Jobs claimed that any advances in pixel density beyond Apple's then brand new 'Retina' displays would be so subtle as not to be noticeable.

However, since then technology companies have continued to release devices with higher pixel density year on year.

When it comes to televisions boasting 4K technology, a regular human 'isn't going to see a difference' between them and regular HD sceens, Raymond Soneira, head of display testing firm DisplayMate Technologies told ABC News.

Comment: This isn't just about the development of 11k TVs, but also the possibilities of using the same technology in a mobile phone. Sure this might be a few years away, but the possibility of having such a highly packed display could further push the capabilities of both mobiles and tablets alike. In time it could also improve the screens on laptops too.