For years I've heard people say "the book is always better than the movie", and I for the most part trusted them. I'm not much of a reader; I spend most of my days looking at schematics and technical manuals, and at the end of it I'm tired of staring at black and white. So usually when a movie based on a book has come out; there's usually zero chance I've read the book first. Well, HHGTTG was somewhat of an exception; I didn't read the book till after I watched the movie, but I listened to the radio show before I watched the movie.

But, Ender's Game was different; I had to read that as a freshman in high school. Ok, let me explain high-school; it's what you guys might call "upper secondary education"; it starts at "grade 9" when you're about 14 or 15 years old. I think the equivalent of our grade 9 is your grade 10. Even in some systems over here, ninth grade is still considered "junior high". I guess these details aren't important; I had to read the book when I was about 15 for school.

At at the time, I fell in love with the book. We were supposed to spend about 9 weeks on the book as a class; but I wound up taking it home and reading it in an entire weekend. It was just, an outstanding book. I wound up *really* identifying with Ender's character; the book didn't go COMPLETLY in to character development; but there was enough I identified with him. He was bullied; I was bullied; that was enough to get me hooked right there. Well, Sunday; I sat down to watch it; which was an odd feeling because I already knew what happened, when, how, all the basics.

Well, it didn't take me long to get very disappointed. The movie starts a third of the way in to the book. If you'd never read it, you'd be wondering...why does he have this thing in his neck...why is he bullied so much more than others. It just kind of, skipped that character development. You find out later what the thing in his neck is and why it was there; but not till after they take it out and through the context of the scenes. It was just..mind-blowing. I could imagine anyone who'd never read the book (or even heard of it); being somewhat confused.

Pretty much, that right there ruined the entire movie. The character development that I'd known in the fist book; wasn't there. The characters were developed and you had no idea why. Major plot points were glossed over or already in place. The interaction between Ender and the god...that was nothing like the book. I just sat there, watching this...progress like you'd skipped over chapters of the book.

Of course, that doesn't include all the stuff that was added in to the plot just to make it a movie. There were several things that occurred that I'm not 100% sure was even in the book. It just glossed over way too many things. It felt like it drug out a few select things; and glossed over most of it.

But again, that happens in books converted to movies; you do have to cut stuff out to get the movie down to a respectable time; I wish they hadn't skipped over so much though.