World's biggest television goes on sale as Samsung launches 110in set | Mail Online
World's biggest television goes on sale as Samsung launches 110in set that's FOUR TIMES sharper than high-def... and a snip at just £100,000

  • The giant screen is larger than a king-sized bed and uses U-HDTV technology
  • It was put on sale today in South Korea for 160million won - about £100,000
  • The device will be sold around the world - and ten have already been ordered from the Middle East

The world's largest television set, which measures 110 from corner to corner and is four times sharper than a high-definition TV, was today put on sale by Samsung.
The company launched the monster screen in South Korea, priced at 160million won, or around £100,000.

It achieves achieves its precise picture - which has been compared to looking through a window - through U-HDTV (Ultra-High Definition Television) technology, which packs in four times as many pixels per inch as current high-definition sets.

The exclusive device, which is 102 inches wide and 70 inches tall, is bigger than a king-sized bed, and will also be sold in China, the Middle East and Europe.
Samsung said they have received ten orders from the Middle East already, though Chinese buyers are expected to snap up the largest portion of the sets.

The new model dwarfs the size of the former largest Samsung U-HDTV, which measured 85 inches.

They replace the previously-touted OLED technology, which Samsung and rivals LG were last year promoting as the future technology. But the specially-treated LED bulbs were deemed to expensive for the huge screens, and both manufacturers have now embraced U-HDTV.

According to NPD DisplaySearch, global sales of ultra-HD TV sets will surge from 1.3 million this year to 23 million in 2017. They predict that more than half of the shipments will be taken by Chinese companies between 2013 and 2017.

The Samsung TV was unveiled at a trade fair in Berlin this September. At the event, Michael Zoeller, the company's senior director of European sales and marketing, said the screen is so big that when watching sports, individual players would appear almost life-size to viewers.

‘This looks stunning. The screen in nearly 2.5 metres across,’ he said.

Consumer electronics expert Barry Fox also praised the new set. He said: ‘The pictures are mind-blowing, it is like looking through a window.'