thinkbroadband :: LOVEFilm Instant overtakes DVD rentals
Removing the two day wait, and allowing people to watch a movie or series at a time of their own choosing was always going to prove popular. How popular is a suprise though, within months of the launch of LOVEFilm Instant the company is saying that streaming has overtaken the physical delivery of discs in terms of the number of views.
There is no breakdown on what people are viewing, but based on our experience a lot of this increased usage is based around people watching a complete series in a single evening or two.

LOVEFiLM Instant is available for £4.99 per month, but XBox Live Gold customers currently should have an offer appearing on their dashboard, which gives six months streaming for a single £9.98 fee, reverting to the standard£4.99 in month seven.

With the new NOW TV launching in the summer, it looks like an interesting year for on-demand TV content, Netflix has the better quality streaming, but its catalogue appears fairly static, LOVEFiLM streams at a lower bitrate, but has more content available. Where NOW TV will fit in is the big unknown.