Hi, I recently replaced the erratic hard drive in my Sky HD+ box for a new larger one( 350 to 500 GB). I had tried to copy one prog. from the old drive to my Panasonic DVD burner, but it wouldn't due to copywrite problems, and I lost the prog. when I reformatted the old disc. Not too worried as I thought it would be repeated but no luck so far, to the point I would like to buy the DVD. Unfortunately there are several "WW2 in colour" DVD's and i don't know which one it was. What I remember is at one point Churchill making a speech( we must be careful not to ........), the scene was of the Dunkirk beaches, changing to a young woman on the White cliffs , to 2 lady ARP wardens followed by a family with children and a soldier in uniform. It then cut, I think to Churchill (and Asquith(?) in a garden.The commentary was by John Thaw( I think). Can anyone identify the series for sure from this rather weak description? thanks in advance