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      by Published on 26-01-13 05:48 PM

      Here, my second post, I gonna give some very exciting topics. One of them is to disassemble the SR101. Hope I am the number ...
      by Published on 01-12-12 08:59 PM

      This tutorial will show you how to get the router stats from your Sky Hub SR101

      Step 1
      Open your web browser
      Type in (or click this link)
      You should then see the below screen:

      Step 2
      You then need to click on the "Maintenance" button in the top grey bar.

      Once you have clicked you should see a dialogue ...
      by Published on 24-10-12 07:25 PM

      Wireless, or WiFi, has been with us now for a few years. In that time it has improved considerably from 11Mb/s to an astonishing 1.3Gb/swith some high end routers. Whilst the speed has increased, there have also been improvements to the security and signal strength.

      The Sky Hub supports a connection speed of up to 144mb/s ona single channel using the 2.4GHz frequency range. Whilst other routers use paired or triple channels to achieve similar or higher speeds, there is some who will say that in crowded areas, paired channels can limit the potential foreveryone as the WiFi channels overlap. ...
      by Published on 01-09-12 08:33 PM

      Packaging & Initial setup (VDSL) by Scubbie & jayhab

      Once your new router is delivered you should unpack ...
      by Published on 24-08-12 02:49 PM

      What is IP Address Reservation and why use it?

      When you connect a new computer or other device to your network, ...
      by Published on 24-08-12 02:45 PM

      What is the purpose of the LAN IP Setup page?

      The Sky Hub is your gateway to the internet, but itís also the ...
      by Published on 24-08-12 02:39 PM

      What is the purpose of the Dynamic DNS page?
      When your Sky Hub is connected to the internet, it will have an external ...
      by Published on 24-08-12 02:34 PM

      The default username to access your Sky Hubís settings is admin and the default password is sky Ė itís probably a good idea ...
      by Published on 21-08-12 11:52 PM     Number of Views: 11413 

      Sometimes it is necessary to prevent someone or everyone from accessing a specific website using the router.

      Whilst this tool is useful, it is a little too general and limited to be used in place of proper parental controls. There are various packages available which will do this job much better.

      The tool to block sites can be set to use the Schedule feature. This could be ...
      by Published on 21-08-12 11:45 PM

      The Schedule can be used in combination with a couple of other features, such as Port Forwarding and Block Sites.

      To activate and set up this service, please log into your router by typing the Sky Hub's IP Address ( ...
      by Published on 21-08-12 11:41 PM

      If you do not change the default settings of the Sky Hub, there is no need to do this. Should the Hub's settings become corrupted, then you can restore them to the default settings ...
      by Published on 21-08-12 11:14 PM

      Essentially the DMZ (Demilitarised Zone) Server function is designed to bypass many of your Sky Hub's functions, such as the firewall. You should only change this if you are confident about what you are doing and ...
      by Published on 21-08-12 11:10 PM

      This allows other Internet users to check to see whether your router is connected. It can also be used to see what route is used to connect to your router and how long it takes to reach it. You can enable or disable this on the router. If you disable it, should someone 'ping' your router's Internet IP Address, they will not get a response. ...
      by Published on 21-08-12 10:57 PM     Number of Views: 48682 

      The Sky Hub is able to connect to the Internet using either an ADSL connection or an FTTC connection. This setting is set by default to automatically detect which method ...

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