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    • How to perform a Planner Rebuild on a Sky+ HD STB

      What is a Planner Rebuild and can it remove things from the Planner?

      This is a task which is frequently recommended on the forums for a whole range of issues. Sometimes it resolves them sometimes it does not but there should be no harm from trying it.

      What it actually does is to rebuild a database of which recordings you have on your Sky+ HD STB and various other housekeeping events. If your hard drive is failing then it can mark some recordings as unsuitable and they will no longer appear on the planner.

      What it does not do is to reformat the drive and remove everything (that is what the System Reset option does).


      It may be a good idea to be aware of a few things before you perform the Planner Rebuild.

      First the task will take between 10-20 minutes, during which time you will not be able to watch anything on the STB (live or recorded) or make any recordings. It would be best to ensure that it is done at a time when it will not cause interference with your viewing.

      The addition of the 'Deleted' folder in the Planner is something that not everyone will be aware of. Ideally it is safe to leave this alone, but it can help to purge any old recordings from this folder prior to performing the Planner Rebuild.

      To do this, using your Sky remote control, press < TV Guide > < Green > < Left > (until 'Deleted' is highlighted) < Down >

      You can now press < Yellow > to permanently delete items from the planner. It is alright to get trigger happy provided that you do want to remove everything from this folder for good.

      How to perform a Planner Rebuild

      Using your Sky remote press < Services > 0 0 1 < Select > 7 < Down >

      The 'Sky+ Rebuild' tab should be lighter than the others and a warning will appear on the screen.

      From now please follow the instructions on your screen to proceed with this task.

      After around 10 minutes press the < Sky > button on your Sky remote to try to wake up your Sky+ HD STB. When doing this look at the front of the STB to see if the red led beside the red power LED illuminates to indicate that the STB is receiving the signal from the remote. The STB will take a few minutes to restart. It is alright to keep pressing the < Sky > button until you see a response from the Sky9+ HD STB.
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