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    • When can I get FTTC?

      I have been using the following sites to check the status for my own cabinet and also whether or not I can get Fibre:

      Before the cabinet is built and once built to follow the work: - Local roadworks information
      (Under 'Map layers' select 'Planned works')

      Once the cabinet is ready or to find out which one is yours try this page: Openreach - Superfast fibre broadband - Where and when
      (Type in your actual post code. Your cabinet number may be shown, but not always)

      Once the cabinet is apparently showing as live/ready check out both BT's and Sky's site to see if you can order Fibre:

      BT: Superfast Broadband – Get Fibre Optic Broadband with BT Infinity
      (Scroll down to the grey box 'Check if you can get BT Infinity' and select 'I'm not with BT'. Type in your house number or name and the postcode)

      (Click the link to the 'Broadband speed checker'. Fill in the details as required. If you can get Sky Fibre then you will be provided with an estimate of the connection speed, up to 40mb. If you can get a higher speed, based on what the BT Infinity predicts, and you are interested in getting Sky's 'Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro' product, then you will need to telephone Sky)

      If there is no information about your specific cabinet, but your exchange is on the list, then you might get more information be sending an email to Openreach at: nga.enquiries at

      I have broken the above email address to reduce the traffic from spammers.

      The are a number of people who are connected directly to the telephone exchange and do not have a Green Street Cabinet. If this is the case with yourself, then as Tom has mentioned, you will need to wait for BTO to resolve this issue as FTTC requires a street cabinet. They have been working on it and when we know something, I am sure that a member will post something on this forum.
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