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    • How To Get Your Sky Hub SR101 Router Statistics

      This tutorial will show you how to get the router stats from your Sky Hub SR101

      Step 1
      Open your web browser
      Type in (or click this link)
      You should then see the below screen:

      Step 2
      You then need to click on the "Maintenance" button in the top grey bar.

      Once you have clicked you should see a dialogue box, similar to that shown in the middle of the display below:

      Type in your username and password:

      Defaults are username: admin password: sky (unless you have already changed the admin password)

      Step 3
      This should then present a screen similar to this:

      Scroll down and click "Show Statistics" marked with the arrow towards the bottom of the screen:

      Step 4
      You should now see your Router's statistics, similar to this:

      If you need, or are asked to provide your router stats, these should be copied and then pasted into your forum thread:

      Broadband Link Downstream Upstream
      Connection Speed 19605 kbps 1175 kbps
      Line Attenuation 18.0 dB 10.0 dB
      Noise Margin 6.3 dB 9.9 dB

      If it doesn't appear as a table similar to that shown above, undo the paste (Ctrl+Z) and click the A/A button to change the editor to 'WYSIWYG' mode. It is possible to change your settings so that this is the normal editing mode.

      For a router that is connected to Sky Fibre Unlimited or Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro, you should see the statistics similar to those below:

      Note: The border layout is different purely because a different browser was used.
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