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    • Step By Step Guide For Setting DD-Wrt Up For Sky Fibre On A D-Link Dir615

      This is a step by step guide for setting DD-Wrt up for Sky Fibre on a D-Link Dir615, with the aim to replace the Sky SR101 Hub with the D-Link Dir615.

      This present guide is simply a modified version of this excellent tutorial.

      This guide assumes that you have the new Sky SR101 Hub, and that you are on Sky Fibre. If either of these does not apply to you, then this guide is not for you.

      This process can damage the D-Link Dir-615 router to a point where you cannot recover it, and will void the manufacturer's warranty (if your D-Link is not already too old). By continuing with this guide you accept all responsibility and accept that the D-Link router may become damaged beyond repair, and that the creator of this guide cannot be held in any way responsible for any damage or loss.


      Section 1 (Preparation)
      1.1) Go to Router Database |
      1.2) Type in "DIR-615" in the box, and select the correct router
      1.3) Download the "***factory-webflash.bin" to a safe location
      1.4) Look at the back of your Sky Hub
      1.5) Copy the MAC address (below “PIN”, and above “SERIAL”) to a safe location
      1.6) Download the instructions on how to obtain your Sky password from the SR101 Hub.
      1.7) Read and follow the instructions to retrieve the Sky username and password
      1.8) copy your ############@skydsl|################ line to a safe location
      1.9) copy your "1.15h.2138.R|001|SR101|###########" line to a safe location (the "######" here is the same as your Sky Hub's SERIAL number)


      Section 2 (Flash DD-WRT to D-Link Dir-615 Router)
      2.1) Disconnect your Sky router
      2.2) Connect the D-Link router to LAN port 1 and the mains (do not connect WAN port yet)
      2.3) Navigate to the D-Link web interface
      2.4) Select the "system tools" menu option then "Firmware Update"
      2.5) Select the factory-webflash.bin file from step 1.3
      2.6) Select Upgrade
      2.7) Wait for the router to upgrade and reboot
      2.8) Log on to the DD-Wrt web interface ( and set up your username and password (keep these safe :P)


      Section 3 (Setting up DD-WRT for Sky Fibre)
      3.1) Log onto the dd-wrt web interface with the username and password from 2.8
      3.2) Navigate to the "setup" tab
      3.3) Make sure "WAN Connection Type" is set to "Automatic Configuration - DHCP)
      3.4) Tick "Use DNSMasq for DHCP" and "Use DNSMasq for DNS"
      3.5) Select the correct time zone
      3.6) Click "Apply Settings"
      3.7) Wait for the router interface to come back
      3.8) Navigate to the "Administration" tab
      3.9) Navigate to the "Commands" tab
      3.10) Enter the text below into the commands box (replacing the "############@skydsl|################" with the one from step 1.8)
      killall udhcpc
      /usr/sbin/udhcpc -i vlan2 -V "1.15h.2138.R|PCBAFAST2504Nv1.0" -c "mac_address@skydsl|password_from_wireshark" -p /var/run/ -s /tmp/udhcpc &
      killall udhcpc
      /usr/sbin/udhcpc -i vlan2 -V "1.15h.2138.R|001|SR101|serial_number" -c "mac_address@skydsl|password_from_wireshark" -p /var/run/ -s /tmp/udhcpc &
      (Notes: the "&" Symbol is for a continual command; both versions of the command lines shown above seem to work - the first contains a string ("PCBAFAST2504Nv1.0") which was simply copied from the "excellent tutorial" referred to above, while the second uses the serial number of your Sky SR101 Hub).
      3.11) Click "Save Startup"
      3.12) Wait for the interface to come back
      3.13) Power off the D-Link router and connect the “Internet” port to the BTO Modem
      3.14) Power on the D-Link router and wait for 120 seconds
      3.15) Navigate to the DD-Wrt web interface and check that there is an IP address gained (WAN IP in the top right corner)


      Section 4 (Clone Sky router MAC)
      4.1) Navigate to the DD-Wrt web interface
      4.2) Navigate to the "Setup" Tab and then the "MAC Address Clone" sub tab
      4.3) Select "Enable"
      4.4) Enter the MAC address from 1.5 into the "Clone WAN MAC" fields
      4.5) Click "Apply Settings" and wait for the interface to come back
      4.6) Power off the D-Link, and then power it on again.

      If you are still getting a WAN IP address, then you can now setup your WiFi / QoS / etc. There is a great deal of information on this on the dd-wrt wiki pages
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Sky Hub S101 Username And Password Attempt started by NewsreadeR View original post
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