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    • How To Locate The Infra Red Sensor In Your Sky+ HD Box

      To find the infra red sensor on your Sky+ HD or other STB then it is really quite simple.

      1) Try to cover the top of the STB in a dark material / paper to stop the chance of any infra red signals finding their way through any ventilation holes etc (Remember to remove it asap once you have discovered where the infra red sensor is)

      2) You need to find a piece of dark cardboard and then using this, move the piece of cardboard around the front of your STB whilst at the same time, pressing the remote control.

      This will give you an indication of whether the infra red sensor is to the left or right, or towards the middle of the Sky STB

      3) Once you have determined roughly whereabouts the infra red sensor is, you need to make a hole about an inch in size in the cardboard. Now again move the cardboard and keep pressing the remote in the approx area that you located in Step 2

      4) Once you narrowed it down further, repeat Step 3) but using another piece of dark cardboard with a smaller hole in it. A hole about 5 or 6mm should be ideal for this. Now repeat Step 3) until you locate it for definite.

      And thats it.
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